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Why Choose Us

We can help you find out EXACTLY how much your company is WORTH



Most valuation firms provide business appraisal reports that are extremely complex. For many of our clients these kinds of reports are confusing. Our appraisals are very easy-to-understand. Also you will be able to easily see why we came to the final valuation. This makes the appraisal report very useful for legal purposes, such as court cases and for the IRS, as well as for business acquisitions and many other needs.


All of our clients have a vested interest in the appraisal value being either high or low. For example, a business owner looking to sell his/her company will want the appraisal to show a high value. A client who is paying us to value a company because he/she wants to buy said company will want the value to be low. At Business Appraisals, our job is to create an appraisal that is unbiased and accurate. We do not change our opinion regarding the value, simply because our clients think we should. However there are times when a client brings up a legitimate point, in which case we will make the correction. Remember our goal is to produce an accurate valuation. We are concerned with objective facts and standards. If we make an objective mistake, and the client brings it to our attention then we will change the valuation. However, if we feel that a proposed change is inaccurate or objectively wrong, we will not change the valuation–regardless of how much our clients may want us to do so.

We base our appraisals on objective standards and a long standing system which has been proven over 25 years. Our number one concern is maintaining the integrity of our reputation and our credibility. Many valuation firms capitulate to the requests or demands of their clients and change their appraisal values to be either be higher or lower in order to satisfy customers. This is a very dangerous move for an appraisal firm. Whatever your reason for getting an appraisal, our firm’s integrity is critical.

If you are buying or selling a company, and you have us value your company, when you use our appraisal in the negotiation, you can be confident that our value is accurate and credible. This is invaluable in a negotion. Having bought and sold several companies, I can tell you, if I were negotiating to buy a company, and the seller provided an appraisal which had been done by a firm that was a few years old and didn’t have well established credibly, that appraisal would be worthless in my eyes.

If you are getting an appraisal for a potential legal matter, and you get an appraisal from a non-credible firm, that appraisal will likely not hold up to cross examination. You just wasted your money and may potentially loose the case. If you are getting an appraisal for an IRS matter, and the integrity of the appraisal firm is called into question, then there is a good chance the IRS will reject your appraisal. The same thing goes for virtually every client in virtually every situation. The credibly of our firm is everything. We are credible, and our appraisals are accurate. If you hire us, you will get an honest and accurate appraisal which will reflect the true market value of your company.


Besides our easy-to-understand approach, we are also a small firm. This helps us keep costs down. On average our prices are about 60% of the market average for business valuations. For most people, when they consider the fact that we have been in business for almost 30 years and that we are one of the most reputable firms in the industry, and yet our price is still 60% of average, the choice becomes clear.

Go with us; save money, get an accurate

appraisal and a report that you can actually understand.

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