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Why Choose Us

We can help you find out EXACTLY how much your company is WORTH



Most valuation firms produce reports that are needlessly complex and difficult to understand. These reports can only be understood by CPA’s or finance attorneys and are designed not to be questioned by the average person. Our appraisals are not confusing. Behind the scenes we perform thorough risk analysis, complex proprietary algorithms, and follow valuation standards and guidelines such as IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60. But the report we produce is easy-to-understand and void of complex valuation jargon and difficult-to-explain calculations. Our clients understand their company’s value and why. This is probably why Business Appraisals is 13 for 13 in court decisions (as of Aug. 2023) and why clients come back to us time and time again. This clarity makes the appraisal report very useful for IRS reasons, seperations, mergers, and so much more.


Mr. A thinks his business is worth $1,000,000 and is ready to sell. Mrs. B wants to buy his business but thinks it is only worth $500,000. Enter Business Appraisals. Our certified reports offer an unbiased appraisal that is not dictated by our client’s expectations. Through our objective process and as the impartial third-party, we are able to offer Mr. A and Mrs. B an accurate view of what the business is actually worth which will help them come to a transaction that is fair (Business Appraisals does not offer brokerage services and does not participate in transaction negotiations.)

Another reason for our accuracy is our review process. Our reports go under review before we send them to the clients for additional review. At Business Appraisals, we also understand that not all value is objective in nature and so we are comprehensive in our process. Every business is unique and has its own competitive advantages and risks, we do not blindly assign industry standards.

Our firm has been in business for over 30 years producing accurate reports. There are few companies that can boast such a track record. Our professional valuators have years of experience valuing companies of nearly every industry and size. Our reputation has held up in court and with our satisfied clients.


We are a smaller firm, and we like to keep it that way to keep our costs down for our clients. Our process is all done via phone call and email; we no longer have two brick-and-mortar office locations. This keeps overhead down (site visits available upon request). Lower overhead means lower prices for our clients. And finally, getting a clear, accurate, and affordable report should not cost an arm and a leg. You can’t afford to buy a company without knowing the price is fair. You also can’t afford to sell a company and leave money on the table. We might charge 50% less than most firms, but our product delivers 100% results for our clients.

Go with us; save money, get an accurate appraisal and a report that you can actually understand.

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