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Appraisal Format

We can help you find out EXACTLY how much your company is WORTH

Purpose of the Business Appraiser’s Valuation

  1. Sale of the company
  2. Purchase of the company
  3. Shareholder buy outs
  4. Business loans
  5. Estate valuations appraisal
  6. Performance evaluations
  7. Divorce proceedings
  8. IRS required appraisals
  9. Other legal requirements
  10. Discounts for lack of marketability

Appraisal Format

  1. Cover Page
  2. Index
  3. Appraisal Details
  4. Appraisal Summary
  5. Valuation of the Company
  6. Methodology
  7. Resume of Robert A. Klein
  8. Appraisal Information Form
  9. And the Copies of Documents Used for the Appraisal

We provide Business Appraisals in California and across the United States.

By simplifying the appraisal method, we are able to provide clients with a better appraisal at a lower price. We have devoted over 20 years to analyzing appraisal methods with the sole purpose of determining the key elements in businesses that contribute value. This simplification allows a more affordable pricing of our services.

With 25+ years of Valuation Appraisal experience, we have the expertise needed to provide our clients with clear, accurate and affordable Appraisals!

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