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We can help you find out EXACTLY how much your company is WORTH

If you are going through a divorce and you also own a business, then you are almost certainly going to need a business valuation for the divorce. We can help give you an accurate valuation for your company.

Our expert appraisers handle these delicate matters with professionalism and accuracy. A divorce can be an unpleasant event, but with Business Appraisals, a valuation doesn’t have to be.

Also, there is a chance that if your case goes to court, you (or your lawyer) will have to defend the validity of the valuation against cross-examination. We have defended our valuation reports in courts MANY times. In fact, EVERY TIME we have appeared in court as an expert witness to defend our report, the judge has used our valuation as the accepted value of the company. We are certified by the NACVA which is arguably the most credible business valuation certification organization in the United States. Our appraisals are certified, and courts should have no problem admitting our valuation as evidence into the case.

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