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We can help you find out EXACTLY
how much your company is WORTH.


We have over 25 years of experience doing business appraisals.

We have the expertise needed to provide you with the most credible business valuation. Our appraisals have been used in many court cases, for IRS issues, acquisitions, and for businesses in virtually every industry. We are clear, accurate, and affordable.


Our Business Appraisal is designed to be easily understood. No CPA or financial expert is needed to translate the report. We use common business terms, step by step mathematical analysis and a complete explanation of each step in the process. The end result is a logical and understandable valuation report.


Our market-value Appraisals are the most accurate approach to determine true market value. Remember this old statement? An item is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it. By looking at business sales over many years and the business components that represent value, we can accurately determine the appraised value of most businesses.


By simplifying the appraisal method, we are able to provide clients with a better appraisal at a lower price. We have devoted over 20 years to analyzing and simplifying appraisal methodology. This simplification allows more affordable pricing. On average, we are 30-40% less expensive than other firms with equal reputation and credentials. In fact, in many cases we are even less expensive than other firms who have significantly LESS credibly and far less experience.

Our appraisals can be used for:

From People Just Like You

When I first contacted Spencer, one of the first things he explained to me was that most other firms produced appraisals reports which were very difficult-to-understand. He stated that his report was unique in it’s easy-to-understand approach. He was exactly right. Anyone could read the report and understand exactly how the valuation was derived. I made the right decision in choosing Business Appraisals to value my company.

Frank Nguyen – Avatar Machine Shop

We have been using Business Appraisals every year for many years. We use their services every year because they are accurate in the valuation and because the appraisal report is so intuitive and easy to understand. I would recommend them.

Ella Lin – Learning Academy

Please be aware that there are a lot of business appraisers out there that have never started, owned, run, bought or sold a business. We have!

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